Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Tuesday April 12 Morning Notes

No real trades of note yesterday, flipped a TWTR put ratio for beer money after establishing it at a single malt scotch debit... also established the 54/58 call ratio for more beer money, which I'm leaving on for when Musk says he is joining the board. Also tacked on a few KSS 61/65, 62/65, 62.5/65 1x2 call ratios for net credits. Depending on the winds of merger talks, the stock has floated above that so I like this so long as a bid over 67.50 doesn't come in, lol. Also added a few of the VERU 10/7.5 1x2 put spreads for 31.5cent avg, looking for a fade following the monster +200% move yesterday.

Yesterday AMC:

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Follow through names to watch: VERU



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Y'day Other News: TWTR gets Musk'd with that meatwagon saying that he no longer plans on joining the board, that guy is insufferable;

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