Friday, October 16, 2020

Friday 16 Oct 2020 Morning Notes

It's monthly opex, amazing to think that this time next month and the contentious 2020 election will have been resolved (maybe?!). 

Completely forgot I had a FSLY 80/70 1x2 put spread on. Checked my positions and was like "holy shit! I forgot I had that on!" Put it on for free, sold it for .85 cents. Not bad. I've got a ton of WBA 40/47.5 1x2 call spreads on, so beers will be on me this weekend if WBA finishes north of 40/share (and under 55, of course)

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: ISRG

Other News: Navistar is expected to announce by noon today whether they accept a buyout offer or not;

Follow Through Names to Watch: FSLY, VRTX, SNBR, SCHW, NAV



Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC: AA, UAL, SNBR
Yesterday BMO: MS, SCHW, TSM, WBA

Y'day Other News: FSLY face plant on guidance, drags down DDOG, TWLO and NET in sympathy; NAV face plant on deal issues; SNBR: +10% AT 63.80;

FSLY: -29% at 91.40 on guidance;
VRTX: -13% at 240 on drug study;

2 days ago AMC:
2 days ago BMO: BAC, GS, PNC, UNH, USB, WFC

2 Day Old News: CXO: +12% at 49.50 on reported deal interest; BBBY: +6% at 23.30 on biz op plans;

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