Thursday, September 10, 2020

Thursday 10 September 2020 Morning Notes

So I guess it was a good thing I flipped that NKLA 53/65 1x2 wkly call spread for .90, stock reversed hard yesterday. Though, this is why I like throwing them on for a credit. No love lost if the trade doesn't pan out.

I've been running into absolutely bizarre issues with my day trading buying power at my new "full time" brokerage. There's literally no rhyme or reason for how it quotes my DTBP. Really calls into question if transferring to them was a good idea. Such a shame, because I love the platform and the trade execution has been solid, and their commission schedule is superb. Quickly realizing there is no perfect broker out there.

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: GME, RH, ZS
Today BMO:

Other News:  

Follow Through Names to Watch: LULU, WORK

RH: +23% at 395;
NAV: +17% at 42.50 on increased offer;
OSTK: +11% at 76.55 on co. update;
PENN: +6% at 62 on u/g;

NKLA: -9% at 38.60 on short hit piece;
GME: -7.5% at 6.83;
CSIQ: -7% at 28.85 on offering;


Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC: COUP, LULU, WORK
Yesterday BMO: AEO, NAV

Y'day Other News: ITCI: +74% at 32.20 on drug news; TRIL: +44% at 13.60 on PFE investment; TSLA: +6% at 351, bouncing back after y'days slaughter; WKHS: +5% at 22.45; I've got the wkly 30/35 1x2 on for 0.01 credit; WORK: -17% at 24.35; TIF: -8.5% at 111.30; probably one of the best r/r shorts out there

2 days ago AMC: AVGO, DOCU
2 days ago BMO: 

2 Day Old News: ALBO: +70% at 46.50 on drug news; NKLA: +30% at 46.50 on GM partnership; GM: +8% at 32.40 on NKLA; CRBP: -75% at 2.30 on drug news; TSLA: -15% on S&P 500 snub and general tech rout; MRNA: -8.5% at 57.24 on d/g;

TT Track of the Day: Bo

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