Thursday, September 3, 2020

Thurs 3 Sep 2020 Morning Notes

The amount of juice in some of these tech names reporting is absurd. For instance, DOCU reports after the close and the OTM calls are marked at 350% IV. Wild stuff. I threw on the 340/400 1x2 call ratio at a $0.03 credit. Flipped a 25/28 1x2 spread in SNAP and a nice one in AMC 8/10. More trades I never would have bothered with if it weren't for commission free trading (OCC/reg fees still get passed through)

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: AMBA, CRWD, MDB, CLDR; PD, ZUO

Other News:

Follow Through Names to Watch: DKNG, M, AMC

FIVE: +8.5% at 127;

ZUO: -28% at 11.50;
PD: -23% at 26.85;
CIEN: -17% at 49.60;
CRWD: -9% at 129;
MOMO: -7% at 18.50;
CPB: -5% at 50;


Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC: HOME, SCVL,
Yesterday BMO: M, GSX

Y'day Other News: CRWD and DOCU continue their rip from yesterday's open, tech is absolutely on fire thanks to the Fed's ZIRP; AMC: +15% at 7 on theater openings; DKNG: +12% at 41.25, signs on MJ #23 to their BOD; GSX: -15% at 81 on earnings and announces SEC investigation;

2 days ago AMC: ZM
2 days ago BMO: 

2 Day Old News: ZM related names all popping after its monster report (DOCU 10%, CRWD 8%, WORK 5%, ZS, COUP); ZM: +35% at 438, astounding; KODK: +62% at 9.70 on passive stake lol; GOGO: +20% at 6.20 on asset sales;

TT Track of the Day: Tennessee Ernie Ford - 16 Tons, classic track

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