Thursday, August 27, 2020

Thurs 27 Aug 2020 Morning Notes

Absurd move in CRM yesterday... Mark your calendar, cuz yesterday was one of the rare days where IV actually spiked higher following an earnings release to the *upside*. Last one I recall was LNKD after it bombed on an ER.

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: NTAP, SPLK

Other News:

Follow Through Names to Watch: BBY, PANW

ANF: +11% at 12.40;
NTAP: +10.5% at 46.60;
ABT: +10% at 113.60 on FDA emergency use designation;
BOX: +10% at 21.18;


CODX: -12% at 11.50 on ABT;
BDX: -6.7% at 237 on ABT;
WSM: 5.7% at 93.30;
DLTR: -4% at 100.06;


Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC:  ADSK, CRM, HPE, INTU, JWN, TOL, URBN
Yesterday BMO: DKS

Y'day Other News: PLAN: +26% AT 60.70; URBN: +19% AT 24.75; CRM: +15% AT 248.70; <--- Damn!! DKS: +15% AT 53.67; JWN: -3% AT 15.10;

2 days ago AMC:  PANW,
2 days ago BMO:  HRL, MDT, BBY; PLCE

2 Day Old News: SJM: +4% at 118; HON: +3% at 164 on index inclusion; AMGN: +3% at 242 on index inclusion; MDT: +3% at 103; PLCE: -13% at 20.20; TIF: -4% at 122; BBY: -3.5% at 113; PANW: -3% at 258.50;

TT Track of the Day: Billy Joel - Movin out, song has bee stuck in my head all morning. There's a Boston area radio station and I swear every 5th song is a Billy Joel song, ugh

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