Thursday, August 20, 2020

Thurs 20 Aug 2020 Morning Notes

That JD 73/80 1x2 ratio turned into a real monster yesterday, was worth over $1.00... too bad I had sold it over .50 ago #hindsight. Flipped a nice straddle in TJX, then a little guy in BMRN (bailed on that cuz I flipped the TJX at a healthy profit, then watched as BMRN bottom ticked 74.50, ugh). Got a couple large OTM wkly positions in UBER, where if it moves 20% up or down I'll make some nice coin.. potential exists given pending litigation in CA.

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: LB, NVDA

Other News:

Follow Through Names to Watch: TGT, TJX, BMRN, CREE

GAN: +8% at 26.40 on update;
LB: +3% at 29.36;
INTC: 3% at 49.76 on buyback program;

EL: -7% at 197;
CWH: -6% at 34 on insider sales;


Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC: CREE

Y'day Other News: MNTA: +68% at 52.15 on JNJ t/o bid, worth seeing how OTM calls trade on this one; AXDX: +15% at 16.30 on drug news; TGT: +8% at 148; GLPG: -28% at 134 on drug news; BMRN: -20% at 94.99 on drug news; VIPS: -12% at 20.87 on CEO stepping down; CREE: -4.5% at 65.28; GILD: -3.5% at 66.62 on drug news;

2 days ago AMC: FN
2 days ago BMO: AAP, HD, KSS, SE, WMT

2 Day Old News: E: +10% at 148; AAP: +6% at 170; DBX: +5% at 21; GOLD: +3.7% at 31.24 on follow through; ORL: +3% at 55.55 on report of them possibly buying TikTok US; KSS: -10% at 21.13; WMT: 135;

TT Track of the Day: Johnny Cash - a boy named sue, Johnny Cash will always be cool

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