Friday, August 14, 2020

Friday 14 Aug 2020 Morning Notes

I'll be sidelined for this morning's open, but that's the way it goes. Managed a nice flip in the STNE 50 straddle yesterday on the open, tacked on some more ratios. My favorite is the Aug monthly 23/17 at a $0.02 credit... which I doubt will actually go ITM, but it's hard to beat the risk/reward on that one.

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: AMAT, BIDU, CODX, IQ, FTCH; BLNK, DDS, PRPL
Today BMO: DKNG,

Other News:

Follow Through Names to Watch: CSCO, RVLV, YY, NTES




Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC: CSCO, LYFT, RVLV, SDC, WPM, YY;
Yesterday BMO: GNUS, NTES, TPR;

Y'day Other News: AZPN: +25% at 121.50; RVLV: +18% AT 23; YY: +10% at 90;TPR: +8% at 16.75; VRM: -17% at 57; PING: -10% at 30.50; CSCO: -8% AT 44.40; LYFT: -2% at 29.90

2 days ago AMC: KODK, STNE; LRN,
2 days ago BMO: VIPS;

2 Day Old News: TSLA to do a 1 for 5 stock split, stock is up 7% on the news lol; AEO: +8% at 12.52 on u/g; TSLA: +6% at 1458 on 5:1 stock split; KODK: +4%; LRN: +3.5% at 48.70; JMIA: -23% at 12.50; STNE: -2% at 51.28;

TT Track of the Day: T

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