Monday, July 6, 2020

Monday 06 July 2020 Morning Notes

Kicking off the week in classic form, as my trading laptop runs through W10 updates... updates that I thought it was going to perform overnight. Looks like I'll be using the web interface of my trading platforms. Hopefully the rest of the week goes better than this morning!

Earnings: Yesterday AMC:
Today BMO:

Other News: Chinese ADRs (NIO, WB, JD, BABA, GSX, etc) all popping higher this morning after Shanghai closed +5.7%; Berkshire in $10b deal for Dominion Energy assets;

Follow Through Names to Watch: NUS, FIZZ

UBER: +8% at 32 on $2.5b all stock deal for Postmates;
TSLA: +5.5% at 1275, u/g's and continuing higher from Friday;



Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC: FIZZ, NUS
Yesterday BMO:

Y'day Other News: 

2 days ago AMC: FDX
2 days ago BMO: CPRI, M, STZ

2 Day Old News: YRCW: +125% at 4.15 on report of $700m loan from the gov't; AKRO: +37% at 34.15 on drug data; FDX: +11% at 156; INO: -10% at 24.25, I've got the 17/13 ratio on for free and a 14/13 long put spread on for a +$10 credit;

TT Track of the Day: In honor of Charlie Daniels who passed away, Primus cover of the Devil Went Down to Georgia

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