Thursday, May 21, 2020

Thurs 21 May 2020 Morning Notes

Threw on a GSX July 20/10 1x2 put spread for a .41 debit yesterday. Kinda wish I went about 5x larger than I had, but whatever. The potential payout ratio on this trade is insane, while downside risk is minimal. I'll keep rolling this until it hits paydirt. I swear to f'n G-d if this thing gets halted through July opex, to quote my buddy, "I"M GONNA F'KN LOSE IT!"

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: EXPE, HUYA, LB, TTWO, YY; 

Other News: 

Follow Through Names to Watch: BIDU, IQ, GSX, WB, KSS, SPOT, SHOP


BIDU: -4.3% AT 103.85, considers delisting from Nasdaq #lulz;


Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC: NTES, URBN;
Yesterday BMO: ADI, LOW, MCK, RCL, TGT;

 Y'day Other News: LK opens back up for trade, will be getting delisted; Intelsat begins trading as INTEQ; INO: +16% at 16.95, on drug data; ADI: +5.3% at 112; LOW: +4.2% at 121.75; LK: -42% at 2.55, will be getting delisted; FSCT: -14% at 18.10, continuing lower after deal falls through; URBN: -4% at 17.20;

2 days ago AMC: BIDU, IQ;
2 days ago BMO: AAP, HD, KSS, SINA, WB, WMT;

2 Day Old News: Bunch of offerings announced AMC: CVNA, MRNA, NVAX, CLVS; Intelsat, JCP and LK are all now delisted;

TT Track of the Day: Sevendust - waffle, what a great f'kn song

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