Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Tues 07 Apr 2020 Morning Notes

In the full-on "hurry up offense" here, had to take care of the kids this morning which left me all of 10 minutes to prep.. Market absolutely ripping higher here. Maybe it's just me, but there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between the market and reality.

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: JPM 
Today BMO:  GBX,

Other News: JPM earnings accidentally leaked on the wires yesterday; cruiselines all ripping this morning;

Follow Through Names to Watch: LK, IMMU, W, ZM




Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC:
Yesterday BMO: SMPL

Y'day Other News:  IMMU: +150% at 22.50 on drug news; W: +35% at 68 on business update; ZM: -10% at 114 on security issues;

2 days ago AMC: CHWY, PLAY
2 days ago BMO: STZ

2 Day Old News: C

TT Track of the Day: Wonka's Springtime song

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