Friday, April 17, 2020

Fri 16 Apr 2020 Morning Notes

The basic ingredients have been laid for an absolutely EPIC trading day. Monthly opex, market moving news, and declining implied volatilities = fireworks. Hopefully it won't disappoint.

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: ISRG,
Today BMO: KSU, PG, SLB;   

Other News: Anything virus related is on watch today, with names hurt by the virus ripping (AMC, PLNT, etc) and names that have rallied on the virus getting knocked (NFLX, ZM, ROKU, PTON, etc)

Follow Through Names to Watch: RCUS, BLK, ABT, RAD,  

AMC: +37% at 3.50 on drug news; 
MRNA: +30% at 48 on drug news;
PLNT: +20% at 60 on GILD drug news; 
GILD: +19% at 89 on Covid drug data; 

APT: -10% at 13 on GILD drug news; 
PTON: -5% at 34 on GILD drug news;


Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC: BBBY; LAKE
Yesterday BMO: ABT, BK, BLK, KEY, MS, RAD, SON, TSM;

Y'day Other News: RCUS: +45% at 22 on GILD deal;

2 days ago AMC: JBHT
2 days ago BMO: BAC, C, GS, PGR, PNC, SCHW, UNH

2 Day Old News: AAL, DAL, UAL all popping on treasury headlines; TDOC out with preliminary #s; TRIP ripped 7% during mkt hours on possible takeover speculation;

TT Track of the Day: This market is going to need a little First Call / Reveille

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