Monday, January 13, 2020

Monday 13 Jan 2020 Morning Notes

It's monthly opex week already! What a weekend, Boston hit an all time record for the month of January when it hit 74 degrees, which is unreal considering how cool the ocean is. Looks like my JPM straddle will be going up in smoke somewhat, will be peeling that off today because I won't be holding into earnings.

Also, all this week my popular "Track of the Day" will be dedicated to Rush songs in honor of their drummer Neil Peart who passed away this past Friday.  

Earnings: Yesterday AMC:
Today BMO

Other News: Couple of mergers this morning with WWD and HXL in a "merger of equals"; TDOC acquires another telemedicine co. for $600m;

Follow Through Names to Watch:

HXL: +6% at 77.80 on "merger of equals" w/WWD;
WWD: +2% at 124.50 on "merger of equals" w/HXL'

FIVE: -20% at 95 on sales #s;
ABMD: -12% at 167 on guidance;


Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC: KBH, PSMT, SNX, WDFC,
Yesterday BMO

Y'day Other News: RARE: +10% at 50 on data; SNX: +9% at 138; PTLA: -35% at 15 on drug data: 

2 days ago AMC: BBBY, HELE 
2 days ago BMO: AYI, AZZ

2 Day Old News: AXE: +2.2% at 98.50 on confirmed buyout bid; BBBY: -12% at 14.75; KSS: -8% at 45.50 on guidance; AYI: -8% at 131;

TT Track of the Day: Rush - Tom Sawyer

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