Monday, January 6, 2020

Monday 06 Jan 2020 Morning Notes

Market continues lower on more tension between US and Iran. Earnings season is starting to perk up a bit, with next week really kicking things off.

Earnings: Yesterday AMC:

Other News: XRX has apparently secured $24b in financing for hostile HPQ bid;

Follow Through Names to Watch:


CALM: -9% at 38.40;


Follow through watch:

Day before Y'day AMC:
Yesterday BMO: NIO

Y'day Other News: WLL: +15% at 8.60 on strike on Iranian; RAD: -3.7% a 14, wish I held the 17 straddle I bot y'day longer; SPY: -1% at 321.59;

2 days ago AMC:  
2 days ago BMO

2 Day Old News: China names popping on State stimulus program; RAD continues to trade like it's a biotech;

TT Track of the Day: Big Head Todd and the Monsters - Boom Boom.. going retro, which reminds me of a line I heard from one of my buddies quoting someone/something when it came to cargo shorts: "what do you store in those cargo pockets on your shorts? Nostalgia for the 90s?"

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