Monday, September 30, 2019

Monday 30 Sep 2019 Morning Notes

Today marks the end of Q3. I'm guessing we'll be in for some fireworks in Q4, market feels like your grandfather's garage, with a pile of gas rags sitting next to an overloaded electrical outlet. I feel like tactically placed straddles will be quite lucrative.

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CALM: -4.5% at 43 on earnings;

Follow through watch: 
Day before Y'day AMC: 
Yesterday BMO: MU
Y'day Other News: DAL makes large investment in South American airline LTM, GOL drops 15% on the news; LVS: +5% on index inclusion;  WFC: +3% at 50.26 on new CEO; PRGS: -13% at 36.25 on earnings;  BK: -2% at 46 as CEO leaves for WFC;
2 days ago AMC: ACN, CCL
2 days ago BMO:

2 Day Old News: BYND: +16% at 160 on MCD deal; ENTA: -17% at 59 on drug data; CCL: -7% at 44.75 on earnings;  CTRP: -3.8% at 30.80 after BIDU said to sell stake; ACN: -1.5% at 188 on earnings; AMTD dropped 7.5% y'day around 1300hrs on announcement from IBKR that it was going to offer commission-free trading on certain products;
TT Track of the Day: Deadmau5 - fn pig remix

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