Monday, July 15, 2019

Monday 15 Jul 2019 Morning Notes

Back but not really back after a bit of a hiatus due to scheduling. It's monthly opex week and the first real earnings week so it should be somewhat busy. I'm doubtful I'll be around for much of it again, however.

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GLPG: +15% at 172 on $5b investment from GILD;
CRZO: +9% at 11.50 on t/o by CPE; 
CROX: +5% at 22 on u/g; 
AVGO: +2.5% at 293 on SYMC deal talks breaking down;

SYMC: -17% at 21 after talks with AVGO breakdown; 
CPE: -15% at 5.75 after CRZO bid


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TT Track of the Day: Dead Eye Dick - New Age Girl, classic 90s music featured in Dumb and Dumber

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