Thursday, March 28, 2019

Thursday 28 Mar 19 Morning Notes

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: FIVE, LULU, VALE;
Today BMO: ACN

Other News:

Follow Through Names to Watch: CNC,

QTNA: +17% at 24.08 on M&A w/ON;
LULU: +15% at 168.70 on earnings;
MOV: +14% at 37.10 on earnings;
PVH: +13% at 125 on earnings
FIVE: +6% at 128 on earnings;
ACN: +2.8% at 171.60 on earnings;

WBC: -10% at 131.01 after M&A spec falls through;
NLSN: -8.3% at 24.41 same as above


Follow through watch:
Day before Y'day AMC: KBH, OLLI, SCVL
Yesterday BMO: HOME, LEN, PAYX

Y'day Other News: WCG: +11% at 256.32 on deal with CNC; CNC: -8.5% at 50.25 on deal with WCG; TUR: -5.5% at 24.25

2 days ago AMC: 
2 days ago BMO: CCL, CRON; CONN, MKC

2 Day Old News: BBBY: +20% at 16.71 on activist news; NBEV: +3.8% at 5.45, running up into earnings; IQ: -2.4% at 23.45 on note offering; NKE on watch after some stupid student athlete controversy that was trying to be drummed up

TT Track of the Day: Sending this one out to my buddy who's swinging over to chop down some wood for me.. Jackyl - The Lumberjack

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