Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Wednesday 7 Mar 18 Morning Notes

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: ADSK, PTCT, UBRN,

Other News: Cohn resigns, signalling trade war may be imminent; WTW trading lower at 58.00 on news that Oprah is selling some of her shares in the co.
Follow Through Names to Watch: YY, CIEN, TGT, CREE

ADSK: +5.9sd at 131
ANF: +3.8sd at 23
MOMO: +3.2sd at 38

DLTR: -4.7sd at 92.60

URBN: at 36.36

Follow through watch:
Day before Y'day AMC: YY
Yesterday BMO: CIEN, TGT

Y'day Other News: CHUBA +23% on t/o by GTCR and Sycamore Partners at 22.75/share; WBAI halted for news; YY initially gapped higher after earnings then got smoked as the stock reveresed for -10%; CREE announced acquisition in the pre-mkt, I missed this news. Stock ended up rallying over 10% on the day. 

2 days ago AMC:
2 days ago BMO:

2 Day Old News: Trump seems intent on kicking off a no-joke trade war; XL gets t/o deal at $57.60/share, a +30.5% premium. Options action was hot in the name with March 42, 45 and 46 calls seeing heavy action leading up to deal; DERM smoked -64% on failed acne drug trial, shares at 9.30 in premkt;

TT Track of the Day: J-Kwon - Tipsy

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