Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Wednesday 21 Mar 18 Morning Notes

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: FDX
Today BMO: GIS

Other News: CRM buys MULE, news broke y'day during mkt hours from Reuters that sent MULE soaring; DB drops -5.8% to 14.60 in pre-mkt trade, citing "headwind" in 1q; TWTR got trounced 10% y'day presumably on sympathy with FB data abuse concerns. That sent TWTR IV rocketing, with 10% OTM weekly put IV marked at 90+%; LUV -3% on guidance due to tax changes; ARNA prices secondary after 30% stock rip to 40'ish/share; GIS poor earnings sending packaged food names CPB K HSY etc lower
Follow Through Names to Watch: FB, ORCL, TWTR


GIS: -8% at 45.80

FDX at 251

Follow through watch:
Day before Y'day AMC: ORCL
Yesterday BMO: PLCE

Y'day Other News: ARNA rips on drugs, up 30% at 40; ROKU up 5% on u/g; OLED defended after trouncing y'day on AAPL news;

2 days ago AMC:
2 days ago BMO: CSIQ

2 Day Old News: I wasn't around y'day but tech got smoked largely led by FB being complicit in permitting user info to be abused; OLED got trashed on news that AAPL is developing its own OLED-like screens;

TT Track of the Day: Some vocal tech house, Patrick Topping - Be sharp say nowt

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