Monday, November 27, 2017

Monday 27 Nov 17 Morning Notes

Retail names continue to be in focus after black Friday.

Earnings: Yesterday AMC:  
Today BMO:

Other News: TIME +9% after agreeing to sell itself to MDP, deal backed by the Koch brothers; CUDA + SQ -4% on a d/g from BTIG; BV to be acquired by Marlin Equity for $5.50/share; WDC -5% on a d/g; ROKU +5% on an u/g;
Follow Through Names to Watch: DE, QD



Follow through watch:
Day before Y'day AMC: 
Yesterday BMO: DE

Y'day Other News: M popping 3% on bullish comments from CEO on CNBC; QD -10% on co. news of being dropped by Alipay - twitter user @unemon1 called this out a week ago, or over 25% ago; NKTR -3% on drug news; SD pops 19% on report of Carl Icahn stake;

2 days ago AMC: CRM, GME, HPE, HPQ; GES,
2 days ago BMO: DE

2 Day Old News: IRBT dropped 8% on no apparent news during Wednesday's trade;

TT Track of the Day: Today's track of the day is the intro music to Metroid on NES, what a beat!

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