Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday Sept 11 morning notes

Never Forget! 

Earnings: Yesterday AMC:
Today BMO:   

Other News:  

Follow Through Names to Watch: RH, CONN


Follow through watch:
Day before Y'day AMC: AOBC 
Yesterday BMO: KR; EROS

Y'day Other News: EFX getting smoked, down 14% after announcing that it's data had been breached and execs sold stock prior to public disclosure, #lulz; Closed out my KR straddle y'day for +18%, only to watch vol continue to rip throughout the day as call options got tagged presumably due to massive rise in short interest in the name. It sent the straddle from 1.40 to 2.10, a 50% increase since Tuesday.

2 days ago AMC: RH
2 days ago BMO: CONN
2 Day Old News: RH just absolutely RIPPING in the pre-mkt. Earnings vol was marked at 270%, however it gapped up 38%, indicative of vol around 625%; MKM out w/AMZN note saying it could be worth 3.5x in 7-8 years;

TT Track of the Day: Gary Wright - My love is alive

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