Thursday, June 1, 2017

Thursday June 1 Morning Notes

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: PANW, HPE
Today BMO:

Other News: PF popping 5.5%, has seen unusual stock/option action recently; GT popping 5% on u/g, CTB popping on sympathy

Follow Through Names to Watch: KORS, PRGO

PANW: +7.5sd at 133, 350k, b/a 0.07. 1sd = 1.6%
CIEN: +4.75sd at 26.05, 680k, b/a 0.10. 1sd = 2.3%
DG: +2.5sd at 76, 21k, b/a 0.05. 1sd = 1.35%



Follow Through Watch:
Day before Y'day AMC: PRGO 
Yesterday BMO: KORS

Y'day Other News
2 days ago AMC: 
2 days ago BMO

2 Day Old News: AMBA -5% on a d/g; WLL -4.5% on a GS d/g

TT Track of the Day: Glenn Miller Orchestra - In the Mood, sticking with my 40s theme.

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