Friday, May 19, 2017

Friday May 19 Morning Notes

Rest in peace, Chris Cornell! What a bummer, I was always a big fan of his music.

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: AMAT, CRM, GPS, MCK
Today BMO: DE; FL, CPB

Other News:

Follow Through Names to Watch: ATHN, BABA, RL, PLCE, LB, WMT

MCK: +7.14 at 153.35, 17k, b/a 0.12. 1sd = 1.2%
DE: +6.3 at 120.35, 380k, b/a 0.07. 1sd = 1.1%
AMAT: +2.2sd at 45.60, 300k, b/a 0.14. 1sd = 1.8%
CRM: +3.6% at 90.90, 295k, b/a 0.01.

FL: -6.6sd at 63, 151k, b/a 0.25. 1sd = 1.6%
CPB: -5.3sd at 54.90, 13.5k,b/a 0.20. 1sd = 0.7%


Follow Through Watch:
Day before Y'day AMC: CSCO; LB, PLCE
Yesterday BMO: BABA, RL, WMT

Y'day Other News: ATHN popping on + drug news;
2 days ago AMC: URBN
2 days ago BMO: TGT

2 Day Old News: CL popping on t/o report from NYT; Whole market getting thrashed on Trump controvers(ies) - plural.

TT Track of the Day: Obviously have to go with Soundgarden today, the entire Badmotorfinger album:

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