Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Jan 6 Morning Notes

Earnings: Yesterday AMC:
Today BMO
Other News: AMGN pops 4% while REGN drops 5% on patent ruling; GPS +8% on Dec sales results;

AMGN: +3sd at 159, 152k, b/a 0.15. 1sd = 1.3%
GPS: +2.5sd at 24.85, 76k, b/a 0.07. 1sd = 2.7%
IONS: +1.65sd at 49.68, 97k, b/a 0.17. 1sd = 3.3%.

REGN: -3 at 360, 155k, b/a 0.20. 1sd = 1.8%


Follow Through Watch:
Earnings names: AMC: STZ

Other News: M tanks on guidance, -10%; KSS down on guidance as well; Both M and KSS have sent related issues lower; SHLD however, is up 9.2% on news that it will be selling its Craftsman brand to SWK; IT dropping up to 10% on thin volume after acquisition news, buying CEB for $2.6b in cash and stock

2day old news: TSLA 2016 sales numbers disappoint, sending the stock down 1.5%; SHAK to join S&P SmallCap 600;

TT Track of the Day: Brand New - Sic Transit Gloria

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