Thursday, December 8, 2016

Thursday Dec 8 Morning Notes

Blah, this morning started off on the wrong foot. I wasted about 45 minutes trying to figure out why I had missing data when trying to run my vol calcs using Yahoo's free historical data feed. It was missing y'days OHLC data for every issue, but it wasn't obvious until after the market open because the website was listing the data but I couldn't import it. Then after the open, December 7 data was entirely missing from YFin. 

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: COST LULU
Other News: HZNP -20% on disappointing drug data; FXE -1% on ECB, thrown a bit of a curveball; 

LULU: +8sd at 70.10, 420k, b/a 0.05. 1sd = 2.2%
COST: +3.1sd at 156.50, 18k, b/a 0.74. 1sd  = 0.85%


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