Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Friday Dec 23 Morning Notes

Forgot to publish this last week while managing a few opex trades. 

Botched my MU earnings strangle order y'day by getting filled on wrong strikes, had I ordered the correct strikes would have been good for +30%. Then bailed on my BBBY straddle for 15% to watch it rip over 100%. Ugh. *** compounded the ugliness of my MU trade by BTO more, when I wanted to STC, this of course happened in a new brokerage account/interface I'm demoing. That ruined the otherwise great trade I put on in LMT *** Also flipped a straddle in BBBY from .50 to .60, then watched that rip for over 1.00. One of those weeks, mannnn...

Earnings: Yesterday AMC:
Today BMO
Other News: LMT knocked on a Trump tweet y'day AMC;

LMT: -2.1sd at 247.80, 24k, b/a 0.45. 1sd = 0.95%

Follow Through Watch:
Earnings names: AMC: RHT, BBBY

Other News:

2day old news:  TDK to buy INVN for $1.3b, or $13/share in an all cash deal;
TWTR -1% as CTO leaves co
BIIB to spin off hemophilia biz

TT Track of the Day: a non-traditional Christmas song... Type O Negative "Red Water (Christmas Mourning)

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