Friday, November 11, 2016

Friday November 11 Morning Notes

Big THANKS to all the veterans out there for keeping the wimps like me safe!!

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: KORS, NVDA, DIS, ACIA
Today BMO: JCP
Other News: PTCT Duchennes MD drug gains approval in EU;

NVDA: +7.5sd at 78.30, 882k, b/a 0.05. 1sd = 2.05%
PTCT: +5.6sd at 11.20, 1.8m, b/a 0.05. 1sd = 15.4%
DIS: +3sd at 97.34, 340k, b/a 0.02. 1sd = 0.84%

KORS: -2.6sd at 49.15, 137k, b/a 0.30. 1sd = 1.9%
BABA: -1.5sd at 92.8, 285k, b/a 0.05. 1sd = 1.2%
ACIA: -0.67sd at 69, 12k, b/a 0.50. 1sd = 5.6%

Follow Through Watch:
Earnings names: NTES, PRGO, RL, SODA, SHAK, TASR, M, RL, XON

TT Track of the Day: Filter - Welcome to the Fold, one of my all time favs

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