Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Wednesday September 21 Morning Notes

Es: +0.3%
10yr: +0.5% at 1.6960
Vx: -2.6% at 16.98
Cl: +1.8% at 44.87

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: FDX; ADBE
Other News: MSFT announces up to $40b buyback and dividend increase from .36 to .39; TGT adds $5b repurchase program as it finishes $10b in buybacks; VIAB cuts dividend in half and the interim CEO departs; 

ADBE: +5.7sd at 105.7, 58k, b/a 0.45. 1sd = 0.9%
FDX: +3.75sd at 168.80, 10k, b/a 0.30. 1sd = 1%
TGT: +1.5sd at 69.5, 15k, b/a 0.25. 1sd = 0.8%

MSTX: penny stock, crushed on drug news. down 80% at 0.10

Follow Through Watch:
AGN: TBRA acquisition
ICPT: TBRA sympathy
ASNA: earnings
SRPT: drug approval two days ago

TT Track of the Day: Dedicating today's track to WFC... Rush - Limelight

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