Thursday, September 15, 2016

Thursday Sept 15 Morning Notes

It was nice to see that guy in the SWKS call spread trade go up $150k over night, though it appears he closed out and he'd probably be up another $150k had he left it on. Happens to the best of 'em! Also saw someone put on either the dumbest trade I've seen in a while or highly suspect trade, $7k dropped on 700 SDRL $3 call options expiring in two weeks. Stock needs to rally 48% by then to b/e. 

Es: +0.17% at 2117
10yr: +0.7% at 1.7000
Vx: -1.8% at 18.05
Cl: +0.5% at 43.81

Earnings: Yesterday AMC:
Today BMO:
Other News: ULTA rumor of a possible secondary; GT investor day, IV is juiced at 90%; 

AERI: +21.7sd at 34.50, b/a 0.12. 1sd = 2.9% - positive drug news

VFC: -3sd at 55.60, 73k, b/a 0.30. 1sd = 1.33% - d/g

Follow Through Watch:
AGN: acquired VTAE for $680m y'day
CBRL: earnings y'day

TT Track of the Day: Master P - Make'em say Uhhh

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