Wednesday, September 7, 2016

September 7 Tuesday Morning Notes

Bid for the NAV 20/19.5 strangle y'day at $1.40, got filled on one lot only. So pissed, missed out on some solid coin. Had ENB as well, quick flipped that one then watched it rip over 100%. Went surfing yesterday and got the snot beat out of me, it was like trying to swim in a washing machine thanks to Hermine. Things look quiet this morning, I may end up back in the water.  


Earnings: Yesterday AMC:
Today BMO:
Earnings: WDC increases outlook; APA makes large reserves discovery; WFM down on SFM sympathy;

APA: +4.5sd at 56.50, 250k, b/a 0.17. 1sd = 2.1%

SFM: -13.6sd at 19.4, 794k, b/a 0.06. 1sd = 1.1%
WFM: -3.5sd at 29.50, 95k, b/a 0.03. 1sd = 1.1%

Follow Through Watch:
NAV - VW deal
CMI - weakness follow through, d/g
CTRP - 2ndary offering
DHR - CPHD deal
ENB - SE deal
PYPL - MA deal

TT Track of the Day: Sublime - Paddle Out

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