Monday, September 19, 2016

Monday September 19 Morning Notes

My trading computer is apparently doing some massive Windows 10 update right now. The update screen wasn't joking when it advised "this will take a while"... Has been at least 30 minutes and I'm only 24% of the way through it. 45 minutes later and it's still updating...

Es: +0.4% at 2141
10yr: 1.6910
Vx: -4.2% at 15.35
Cl: +0.9% at 44.00

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: n/a
Today BMO: n/a
Other News: BLOX taken private at $26.50/share; ERI acquires ISLE at $23/share; TECD to acquire AVT tech solutions biz in a $2.6b deal

AVT: +6.9sd at 42.10, b/a 0.14. 1sd = 1.1%
TECD: +4.5sd at 77.24, 1.8k, b/a 0.75. 1sd = 2.5%

CYH: -1.8sd at 11.65, 352k, b/a 0.11. 1sd = 2.9%

Follow Through Watch:
NVAX: - crushed on drug news
DEPO: - report it's exploring sale
DB: - US seeking $14b re: mortgages
INTC/MU: both popped on Friday
CYH: popped into Friday's close
ORCL: earnings follow through

TT Track of the Day: White Zombie - Feed the Gods. Huge Rob Zombie fan!

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