Friday, September 9, 2016

Friday September 9 Morning Notes

Put on another strangle in NAV yesterday, missed an opportunity to load up on a straddle as well when IV suddenly dropped out of nowhere before ticking back up. Cancelled my HPE straddle order when I got my NAV fill, then watched HPE drop... Also spent the morning y'day working on my "social media" laptop, as I upgraded from Ubuntu 12.04 to 14.04, then dealt with driver problems. Up and running now though!

Es: -0.5% at 2160
10yr: -2.3% at 1.6530
Vx: +4.5% at 13.98
Cl: -2.1% at 46.60

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: RH
Today BMO: KR
Other News: GWPH down 10% on Daily Mail report it will *not* be bought out; MA sued for $19 billion; ValueAct buys 9.5m shares of $STX

RH: +2.6sd at 38.78, 350k, b/a 0.10. 1sd = 3.8%
STX: +0.67sd at 36.80, 31k, b/a 0.10. 1sd = 2.03%

MA: -1.5sd at 98.75, 7.7k, b/a 0.30. 1sd = 0.6%
WMB: -1.2sd at 30.20, 14k, b/a 0.15. 1sd = 2.5%

Follow Through Watch:
NAV, HPE - earnings
GWPH, RTRX - drug news

TT Track of the Day: Tiesto - A Tear in the Open, epic trance classic and the running theme song to my senior year in college

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