Friday, August 26, 2016

Friday August 26 Morning Notes

I can't believe how smoked DG got during mkt hours after announcing earnings, wow! Currently sitting in an ex post facto TIF straddle that appears to be going *nowheres*.

Es: flat at 2173  
10yr: +0.55% at 1.568
Vx: -0.5% at 14.90
Cl: flat at 47.34

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: GME SPLK ULTA; ADSK
Today BMO:

Other News: Rumor y'day of Icahn shopping HLF stake, news reports today regarding it; RAX going pvt for $4.3b


GME: -4.6sd at 29.70, 34k, b/a 0.10. 1sd = 1.66%
SPLK: -3.9sd at 60.74, 49.3k, b/a 0.05. 1sd = 1.72%
HLF: -3.8sd at 59.19
ULTA: -1.36sd at 268, 3k, b/a $2.98. 1sd = 0.93%

Follow Through Watch:
STJ - Muddy Waters short announced y'day
BERY - t/o announced y'day
DG - destroyed y'day
WDAY - earnings
TIF - earnings
HPQ - earnings

TT Track of the Day: Tool - Aenema

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