Thursday, June 23, 2016

Thursday June 23 Morning Notes

This whole "Brexit" bullshit reminds me of the "Fiscal Cliff" nonsense, and the dumbass "Rise Above" pins and hats CNBC had made for something that ultimately had no effect on anything in the grand scheme of things. Brexit should be retitled #VolPump2016 

Es: +0.8% at 2094
10yr: -3.1% at 1.737
Vx: -5.4% at 18.35
Cl: +1.5% at 49.88

Earnings: Yesterday AMC: BBBY RHT
Other News:


RHT: -6.5sd at 74.70, 25.5k, b/a 0.14. 1sd = 1%
BBBY: -1.92sd at 41.80, 8.2k, b/a 0.10. 1sd = 1.66%

Follow Through Watch:
TSLA FDX PAY (call buys) SCTY

TT Track of the Day: Sid Vicious has us covered for this Brexit nonsense, the Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen

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