Monday, April 18, 2016

Monday April 18 Morning Notes

Easing my way back into things after being out of the office for a few days. 

Es: -0.5% at 2066
10yr: -0.7% at 1.764
Vx: +1.8% at 15.00
Cl: -4.2% at 39.95

Earnings: Today BMO: HAS +5.1%; MS flat; PEP also flat
Other News: AAPL dropped 2% Friday afternoon into close; Oil names all dropping on futures drop related to OPEC oil talks

CVT: +66% at 35.34 - company being bought out
HAS: +4.5sd at 87.00, 35k, b/a 0.40. 1sd = 1.2%

CLMT: -50% at 5.25, 231k, b/a 0.13.

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TT Track of the Day: Phil Collins "Inside Out" off the great "No Jacket Required" album

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