Monday, April 11, 2016

Monday April 11 Morning Notes

This morning I'm just kind of like "meh". I won't be around Thursday and Friday so I'll be trading light if at all this week. 

Es: +0.5% at 2050.75
10yr: -1.5% at 1.746
Vx: -2.55% at 16.25
Cl: +1% at 40.13

Earnings: Today BMO:
Other News: CP ends bid for NSC; HTZ -6.4% warns on guidance; NOV -4.4% cuts dividend; NLY -3.2% buys.


-1.7sd at 79.14, 78k, b/a 0.02. 1sd = 1.7%

Follow Through Watch:
ICPT (opex straddle is tempting); AGN

TT Track of the Day: Haven't featured Radiohead yet. I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan of Radiohead, but I enjoy some of their work. Here's "Lotus Flower":

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