Monday, March 28, 2016

Monday March 28 Morning Notes

I was tied up a bit this morning, so this is just an abridged version of my normal pre-market notes. The owl rescue was a nice distraction from not getting filled on a NKE opex 62 straddle or WFC opex 49 straddle. I missed WFC fill by .03 and NKE was dancing around my bid, but wouldn't fill. NKE straddle top tick was good for +40%, and that's with leeway on presumed fills.

Es: +0.1% at 2033
10yr: Flat at 1.900
Vx: -0.2% at 17.30
Cl: +0.5% at 39.90

ALDR: +5.5sd at 22, 1sd = 5.06%

GME: -2.8sd at 28.25, 1sd = 2.38%

Follow Through Watch:

TT Track of the Day: "Owl" Always Love You by Whitney Houston

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