Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Jan 6 Morning Notes

I've been working on an updated version of my spreadsheets, started with Excel then switched back to Google Sheets. Now have GSheets working with imported data from Yahoo Finance instead of Google Finance. No data errors as of yet.

Es: -1.8% at 1975.50
10yr: +2.8% at 2.186
Vx: +8.9% at 21.15
Cl: -4% at 34.51

Earnings: MON
Other News: Most names are dropping here, few popping; Oil is getting pasted again, only .30 away from new 52wk lows. Oil related names are being taken down with it; 

MBLY: +6% at 38.32, 347k, b/a 0.01 - presenting at CES conf. today
TASR: +4.1% at 17.72, 47k, b/a 0.10 - upgraded this AM

MNKD: -9.2% at 0.68, 527k, b/a 0.01 - ripped by analysts after yesterday's implosion
PXD: -7.8% at 115.41, 665k, b/a 0.06 - 10.5m share 2ndary offering at 117
CEMP: -7% at 26.70, 5k, b/a 0.68 - $175m  2ndary offering
VRX: - 3.2% at 97.65, 485k, b/a 0.05 - CEO out for med reasons
WDAY: -2.9% at 75.00, 1.3k, b/a 0.85 - downgraded

TT Vol Watch:
PXD (options have always been too illiquid) VRX

TT Track of the Day: Lacuna Coil "Swamped". I can't believe this track is almost 14 years old, ugh.


  1. any tips on where to check out the coding that goes into that?

    1. Yes! Here's what I found super helpful:
      This youtube video for Yahoo Finance into excel, editing of Yahoo URL works the same for Google Sheets:
      Then These two websites:

      When editing the URL, I found my errors were usually because I was either missing a quote or an ampersand "&&"

  2. thanks a bunch! but how do you pull in extended hours data?

    1. I use the TDAmeritrade Thinkorswim platform. I have my watchlists sorted by bid/ask/mark/mark% change/volume. Using those data points allow symbols to be sorted by pre-mkt moves.