Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Wednesday Dec 23 Morning Notes

Es: +0.3% at 2042.50
10yr: -1.2% at 2.266
Vx: -1.2% at 17.60
Cl: +2% at 36.86

Earnings: NKE MU
Other News: NSC declines CP's takeover offer;

CELG: +8.4% at 120.10, 161k, b/a 0.40
NKE: +3.2% at 136.13, 158k, b/a 0.08 - earnings, conf call y'day at 4pm
UA: +2.1% at 82.10, 10.5k, b/a 0.15 - NKE sympathy

BBBY: -6.2% at 48.15, 91k, b/a 0.10 - weak guidance and PT cuts
MU: -5.7% at 13.78, 956k, b/a 0.03 - earnings

TT Vol Watch:

TT Track of the Day: Stone Temple Pilots "Where the River Goes", probably my favorite track on Plush. A little belated, but sending this one out to Scott Weiland


  1. How often do you find that you can;t exit a trade due to liquidity issues?

    1. It's not that I *can't* exit, it's that I can't exit at reasonable price. As you might expect, that doesn't happen as often as not being able to enter trade due to illiquidity, which happens on a seemingly weekly basis. I would guess that liquidity issues when trying to exit only affects about 10-15% of my trades.

  2. seems like quite a few of your trades dont catch on many trades do you put on that dont catch?

    1. Do you mean that I don't post or reference on twitter? I'd say I only reference maybe 50% of the trades I put on. I'm less inclined to speak about my winners after the fact, because nobody likes a cheerleader.

      As I was replying to this post, I put on a NKE 65/64.5 strangle for .50, and flipped it for .65, only to see it print .75 a minute later and now it's at $1.00 ten minutes later. So even if I tweet it, sometimes the window has already shut for someone else to enter.

      I throw up bricks just like anyone else, and just like most other people, I rarely opine about them on twitter. And now that NKE strangle is worth $1.45. ARGH!!!!!!

    2. And now it's worth $2.25!! Dammit!!!

    3. and LOL @ my comment "...sometimes the window has already shut for someone else to enter". Classic!

  3. where do you get your premarket movers data, and the volatility info? thanks!im sure youll have many other winners!

    1. I get my pre-market movers and volatility in Thinkorswim. I also use a couple of spreadsheets I made for volatility estimates. Thanks for the support, hope your holidays go well!