Tuesday, November 24, 2015

November 24 Short Interest of Interest Update

Here are some changes in short interest that I find... interesting. The numbers updated today, November 24 at 4pm and reflect short interest as of November 13, 2015. These are listed in no particular order:

1. PLNT $1.56b - Planet Fitness
Close on Nov 24: $15.55
Close on Nov 13: $16.07
IV Percentile: N/A
Dec Opex Implied Move: No option liquidity, would estimate about 9.6%
926 calls in OI to 127 puts
Notes: Co. IPO'd on Aug 8, 2015 and has seen short interest steadily climb since then. SI has increased 60% from the last update to 14.4% of the float. I hate this stupid-ass gym and will never get back the year of my life that I had to spend lifting at one.

2. TCK $2.4b - Teck Resources
Close on Nov 24: $4.23
Close on Nov 13: $4.61
IV Percentile: 43% at 73.4
Dec Opex Implied Move: 17.8%
131.4k calls in OI to 193.7k puts
Notes: SI increased 17% to 11.8% of the float, a new 52wk high. SI has been steadily climbing since June 30, 2015 and is up 338% yoy. Also, the company's 6.125% bond maturing in 2035 was noted today by the WSJ for widening the most.

3. MBLY $9.6b - Mobileye
Close on Nov 24: $43.97
Close on Nov 13: $42.32
IV Percentile: 39% at 48.5
Dec Opex implied move: 10.1%
109.3k calls in OI to 105k puts
Notes: SI increased 12.3% to 26.3% of the float, a new 52wk high. Short interest has been steadily climbing since the Aug 14, 2015 update, increasing 108% since then.

4. FIT $5.6b - Fitbit
Close on Nov 24: $26.87
Close on Nov 13: $27.86
IV percentile: 41% at 67.4
Dec Opex implied move: 14.4%
124.6k calls in OI to 97.9 puts
Notes: This IPO'd back on June 18 of this year and the stock has seen short interest incline steadily since then. SI increased 16.4% to 53.8% of the float, making it one of the most heavily shorted names out there.

5. RACE $8.7b - Ferrari
Close on Nov 24: $46.28
Close on Nov 13: $51.40
IV Percentile: 22% at 43.73
Dec Opex implied move: 9.1%
1600 calls in OI to 1400 puts
Notes: This IPO'd a month ago, opening at 60 and closing at 55. Stock has been marching lower ever since, though it could be due to everyone selling the stock short. SI has increased 53.4% from its first update to 14.3% of the float.

6. PAYC $2.5b - Paycom
Close on Nov 24: $42.76
Close on Nov 13: $41.04
IV percentile: 16% at 49.26
Dec Opex implied move: 11%
3,242 calls in OI to 2,815
Notes: The company posted earnings and gapped from 38 to 45.73 on November 4. Short interest increased 41.2% to 11.3% of the float, a new 52wk high and 26% higher than its previous high made back on September 15, 2015. 

7. BTU $216m - Peabody Energy
Close on Nov 24: 11.90
Close on Nov 13: 13.79
IV percentile: 45% at 126.5
Dec Opex Implied move: 26.6%
582k calls in OI to 532.7k puts
Notes: Co. was noted today for having the largest decrease in its bond price according to the WSJ, with its Nov '18 6% coupon trading at 21.123% of face value. SI appears to be at a new 52wk high, at 39.9% after increasing 14.8% from the last update. Skew looks like a downwhill ski jump, risk of bankruptcy appears imminent.

Would also keep an eye on SHAK, GRUB, DPLO and FTK. All four are at new 52wk highs in short interest.

Notable past mentions: Sprint SI at new 52wk high, flagged this in a blog post a couple of weeks ago; EPE flagged on my last post, SI increased 13.2% to 48.3% of the float; ADPT flagged on another blog post, SI increased 8% to 41% of the float;

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