Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday July 13 Morning Notes

Es: +0.7% at 2083.50
10yr: +1.45% at 2.452
Vx: -7.25% at 15.56
CL: -1.5% @ 52.00

Earnings: N/A
Other News: REMY acquired by BWA at 44% premium; MWE acquired in $20b stock deal by MPLX, MPC popping on the news; GLW d/g by BAML; STX earnings warning, WDC should see sympathy; ARMH d/g by JPM; REGN u/g at DB

Got to the desk late again, so my gainers/losers isn't really complete :(
MPC:+8.3% at 59.00, 391k
WYNN: +4.4% at 108.45, 41k
SWKS: +2.6% at 102.85, 19.1k


TT Track of the Day: Orgy's cover of "Blue Monday":

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