Friday, June 5, 2015

June 5 Morning Notes

Today's the much talked about jobs report. So far, so "meh".

Es: -0.27% at 2093.5
10yr: +4.12% at 2.406
Vx: +1.04% at 15.13
Cl: +0.3% at 58.19

Tickers on Watch:
Earnings: Nothing
Other News: VOD down about 2% on news that it's looking to swap assets with LBTYA, disappointing the mkt. Stock closed at 37.71, hit a high of 39.5 on news AMC yesterday only to drop to 36.95, a 6.9% swing peak to trough.

ISIS: +2.75% at 66.10, 14k
DWA: +1.93% at 27.99, 4k
OPK: +1.85% at 16.55, 47k
FEYE: +1.4% at 48.62, 90k

SHPG: -1.85% at 247.11, 15.3k
VOD: -1.78% at 37.05, 101k

Surprise of the week is my GME weekly opex 44/43 long strangle getting murdered by going nowhere. I can't believe the mid cap co. with 43% of the float short has moved less than 3% after posting earnings and announcing an acquisition (though that was about 3% of mkt cap). I was up about 20% shortly after opening it on a stock drop/IV pop, but figured it was good for at least 50%. As the band Primus once proclaimed, "they can't all be zingers".

The TT Track of the Day will be a Primus zinger to make up for my GME non-zinger.

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