Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday May 27 Morning Notes

Finally! I solved the brutal Google+ problems I was having with this damn blog. It was driving me absolutely mad, but I just now figured out how to unlink the blog from Google+. What a relief.

Es: +0.06% at 2106.5
10yr: +0.66% at 2.151
Vx: -0.3% at 14.88
Cl: -0.64% at 57.68

Tickers on watch:
Earnings: KORS TIF (COH for sympathy) WDAY
Other news:

Not much going on this AM by way of positive movers

KORS: -16.7% at 50.36, 5m
WDAY: -9.4% at 83.75, 177k
COH: -3.5% at 35.18, 11.5k
FOSL: -3% at 72.82, 10k

The TT track of the day is a Tiesto trance throwback, "Magikal Circus":

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