Thursday, May 28, 2015

"Moving Steel" Workout Routine

I scrapped my old program on March 2, 2015, which can be found here and started the following program. I got sick and tired of seeing all this crossfit bullshit at the gym and decided to do a '70s throwback workout routine. This has everything you need and nothing you don't. Rage against machines, because it's barbell only. This plan is heavily based off Mark Rippetoe's "starting strength" program and is taken from I'm not trying to become some muscle bound freakshow, I just don't want anyone to mistake me for being a crossfitter in the gym... or in life in general.

I call this workout plan "Moving Steel":

Week 1:
Monday - Workout A
Wednesday -Workout B
Friday - Workout A

Week 2:
Monday - Workout B
Wednesday - Workout A
Friday - Workout B

Workout A:
3x5 Squat
3x5 Bench Press
1x5 Deadlifts
**2x8 Dips

Workout B:
3x5 Squat
3x5 Standing military press
3x5 Bent Rows (or power cleans)
**2x8 Chin-ups

Note: This does not include warm-up sets (**)Means this is optional. I typically try to go for an hour long walk or so or play tennis on Tuesdays, Thursdays and the weekend.

I went from squatting my body weight all squirely in December of 2014 to solidly squatting 1.9x my body weight in Nov of 2015. This program is legit.

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