Wednesday, April 15, 2015

April 15 Wednesday Notes

ES: +0.25%, +5.25pts at 2095.75
VX: -0.5% at 15.50
CL: +1.54%, +.81 at 54.10
TNX: -.2% at 1.900

MCP: +36% at .74, 1m - Supplying rare earth materials for Siemens
MBLY: +4.25% at 44.20, 22k
INTC: +3.3% at 32.56, 640k - Earnings

ALU: -16% at 4.12, 10.1m - "take under" by NOK

DAL, BAC, INTC are all out with earnings this AM. YHOO has news that it might be in talks to acquire FourSquare. 

Yesterday Recap:
Z was halted on the open for a conference call and FY15 update. The stock opened down 16% and an opex strangle could have been put on though the risk/reward wasn't exactly the greatest thanks to the juiced IV.

NSAM saw heavy (for the name) April put buying on the open with the apr 20 puts seeing about 2k trade for around .15 to .20ish, they hit .20 on the day as the stock dropped 2% before popping at the end of the day to finish up 5%.

WUBA started popping around the 54 level on news, the 60 calls were trading for around .15 at 1015 and hit 7.00 by day's end.


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