Friday, March 13, 2015

March 13 Friday notes

LOCO: +10%, 114k - earnings
EBIX: +9.3%, 2k - earnings
ULTA: +7%, 65k - earnings
ANN: +6.6%, 45k - earnings
HLF: +5%, 127k - FBI Ackman probe
MBLY: +2.55%, 135k - GS u/g

WLL: -6.3%, 61k
BP: -1.6%, 178k
USO: -1.4%, 614k

Not much else going on that I'm interested in. TOS option hacker is still down, never realized how much I relied on it until it stopped working on Monday. Yesterday morning presented opportunities in the thinly traded names that were knocked on the INTC news, namely STX and WDC which both rebounded nicely.

Also, WLL is getting smoked this AM. On Monday it popped 10% on news that it was seeking "strategic alternatives". I expected it to be trading lower, didn't think the news was exactly bullish. Unfortunately, I was laid out with the flu and wasn't feeling cogent enough to place a good trade. 

Ex-post facto: UTX was up about 1% or so in the pre on thin volume after announcing a large buyback. The stock opened around 121 and saw some ambitious 122 opex call buys for around .10. The 120/122 strangle was going for about .22 off the open and ended up going about 10x on the day as the stock dropped down to 117 and change at the lows of the day. 

 I've been on a huge Ozzy/Black Sabbath kick lately so today's song of the day is Cornucopia by Black Sabbath. Happy Friday the 13th!:

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