Monday, March 2, 2015

Feb 25 Short Interest of Interest

Here are some names that caught my eye in the most recent short interest update. The update was posted February 25, and the short interest numbers are from February 13:

1. PE - Pasley Energy - a $2.3b Exploration and Production company in the Oil & Gas industry. Short interest in the name increased 48% to 16% of the float. The stock IPO'd on May 23, 2014 at 22.30 and hit its 52wk high shortly after at 25.70. It hit its 52wk low at 11.11 on December 8, 2014. The stock had been trading around 16. There are currently 9800 puts in OI vs. 5500 calls. IV is in the 61% percentile at 59.5%. 5k June 10 puts were added to OI on December 10 for around $1.10, they're currently trading around .30. On February 18, 3k Sep 12.5p were opened for 1.10 and currently have a mid mkt bid/ask of 1.65.

2. BOX - Box, Inc - Recent IPO with a current market cap of $2.2b. The IPO was priced at $14/share but shares opened at 20.20 and hit its all-time high of 24.73 on its opening day. 9 sessions later it put in its all time low of 16.50. The first short interest update on January 30 listed SI at 1.12m shares short. The most recent SI update on February 13 indicated a SI increase of 326%, to 4.76m shares, which is currently 38% of the float. There are currently 6,400 calls in OI vs 5600 puts. The only strike with >1k in OI is the March 20 call strike with OI of 1032. The March straddle is currently pricing a move of $2.40, or 12.6%. Earnings are March 11 AMC.

3. PFE - The $210b company saw its short interest spike to 52wk highs in the latest update as SI increased 207% to 3.3% of the float. The 52wk low was made a year ago at 27.51 and the 52wk high was made on Feb 12 at 34.97. Shares are currently trading around 34.70. There are 748k calls in OI vs 459k puts.

4. SERV - A $4.6b company that works as a provider of residential and commercial services. (Terminix, Servicemaster cleaners, Merry Maids, etc). The company IPO'd back on June 26, 2014 and opened at 17.45. Its 52wk low as made back on August 1, and it is making its 52wk high today on March 2 at  35.40. Short interest is at 52 week highs and surged 338% from 1.13m shares to 4.95m shares which is 6.25% of the float. There are currently 1900 calls in OI and only 596 puts in OI. IV is currently in the 6% percentile, with IV for all months hovering around 30%.

Other  notable names with increasing short interest are: WUBA, CMTM, RH, OCN, SDRL, XCO, AVP

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