Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Oct 27 Outlook

SRPT is getting rocked in the pre-market -37% at 14.70 after closing at 23.50 on Friday. It's trading 1.5m shares in the pre with 34% of the float short. It hasn't traded this low since November of 2013.

The Brazil index EWZ is down 8.5% at 38.25 after clsoing at 41.50on Friday. This comes after their elections in which the least-bullish president was elected. IV was at 125% going into the weekend, pricing a move of $4.90.

PBR is also getting knocked on the Brazil news, down -16% at 10.85 after closing at 12.93 on Friday. It closed with IV at 230% pricing a move of about $2.85.

Friday Recap
MSFT low vol off the open, straddle would have been ripe as it dropped 3% from the open.

P straddle got paid as it tanked off the open from earnings.

SODA ripped on Friday like a mofo when news came out around 1122am that it had a deal with PEP. The stock was hovering around 22.50 when I scooped some 23 calls for .20. Ended up hitting a high of $3.00 when the stock hit over 26, but I dumped at 100%.

GMCR saw a small pop off the SODA news. The stock was trading around 144 and closed over 145 on the day.

DRIV it was announced the co. was going to be taken private at a 50% premium from its closing price a day prior. The company had seen some unusual options activity leading up to the deal. My main man Ophir Gottlieb wrote up a solid post about it here:

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