Tuesday, October 21, 2014

CMG is out with earnings this AM and is trading down about 4.5% at 624 after closing yesterday at 653. The news came out AMC yesterday so there has been some time to digest the news. CMG moves on average 5.3% the day after posting earnings. Its last moves were 2.7%, 11%, 2.8%, 6.25%, 2.3%, 6.4%, 6.2%, 4.8%. I may look to get long a straddle if I can buy vol around 45%

KO is down 5% after posting earnings BMO, its greatest down move after posting earnings in 12 quarters. Its previous greatest down move was 3.75%. It's trading 1.8m shares in the pre-mkt. The stock closed yesterday at 43.29 and is currently trading around 41.00

AAPL is up 3.1% at 103 after closing yesterday at 99.75. It has made a 12qtr average move of 5.4% with a max up move of 8.8%

Yesterday Recap:
Selling the IBM vol off the open would have been the play as the stock moved right in line with its historical post-earnings moves.

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