Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Jan 10

Running late so I have to make this quick. The ES closed yesterday at 1832 and looks to open around 1836. It hit a low of 1829 after NFP and a high of 1842 just before NFP. The 10yr is trading around 2.9 after finishing at 2.97. The VIX finished yesterday at 12.85.

$SHLD is tanking after posting store sales numbers. The stock closed at 42.52 and smashed through support at 40 and is trading around 37.65.

$ANF is the opposite of SHLD and is crushing it. The stock closed at 33.25 and is currently trading around 37.60 and hit a high of 38.85 and a low of 37.50 in the pre-mkt. It has a monster gap to fill from 38 to 46.

$TGT has increased the numbers from the data breach. The stock closed at 63.30 and is currently trading around 62.90. It hit a pre-mkt low of 62.

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