Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wednesday Dec 11 pre-mkt outlook

The /ES closed yesterday at 1803 and is currently trading around 1804. It hit an overnight high of 1808 at 9pm and a low of 1799 at 0430am. The 10yr finished at 2.797 and is currently hovering around 2.819. The Vix finished yesterday at 14.15.

$MA - is trading higher this AM after closing at 764 it is trading around 790 in the pre-mkt after announcing a 10 for 1 stock split and a dividend hike.

$JOY - is getting knocked this AM after posting earnings. It closed at 56.25 and is currently trading around 53.45 in the pre-mkt on thin volume.

$COST - is trading lower this AM after posting earnings as well. It closed at 120 and is currently trading around 118. It hit a pre-mkt low of 116.50 and a high of 118.40.

$SWHC - has no weekly options but it is out with earnings and trading higher this morning. The stock closed at 12.10 and is currently hovering around 12.65. It hit an ETH high of 13.

$SNI - The stock closed at 75 and is trading around 81 currently after hitting an ETH high of 87.50. This is on unconfirmed reports that it is the target of an acquisition by $DISCA. However, $C downgraded SNI stating that the report is unlikely to be true.

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